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Superbowl Sunday

Posted by Rich on

This is going to be an exciting game to be sure!  I will be online long enough to end the sweepstakes for the 120ml drawing at kickoff, and then the computer gets turned off for the remainder of the game.

The orders are coming in fast and furious, and although this is no scientific study, a half hour before kickoff has the Broncos coupon used 60% of the time, and the Seahawks 40% of the time.

So, I also need to say, I'm really new to this whole "blog" thing. I've never thought that anyone would be interested in hearing about my day, but I've been told that I've become "interesting" somehow. So, I activated the Blog feature of this thing, and will do my best to write every now and then about me, the Gremlins, and the random strangeness that is my mind. 

At this point though, the game is nearing, and the computer needs to turn off, and I need to find a cold beverage.

Enjoy the game!!!

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