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Abe and Eepo welcome you! (So does Rich and the other Gremlins)

Welcome to the Gremlin House 


Happy Easter!

What? You're surprised we're having a sale?!?

Of course we are! And it's filled with toys and goodies, well, goodies anyway. Not toys.  Every order will have a small sample of Chocolate Bunny, Jelly Bean or Cheeps flavored juice tossed in for good measure, and if you've been REALLY good this year, there may be an easter egg in your basket with even MORE goodies inside.  A few lucky people will even receive the metallic eggs that contain up to $50 in gift certificates to use here at gremlinjuice.com!

So come on in, find a few flavors and enjoy the savings!

Use the coupon code "easter" to save 20% on your order. Valid through sunday night, 4/20/14. 


Please Check Your Order

Update: A change was made to the order selection so when the mix is chosen is now says HIGH PG on those options. We hope this will slow the rate in which errors are made. We truly want to get you the juice you want!
We also removed the option of 80pg/20vg. I know there are a few that use that, but if it is something you want, please order 70pg/30vg and request the 80/20 in the comments and we will be sure to get that made for you.


"Order failed but your card was still charged many times"

This happens many times every day. Hopefully you will see this before writing to me. I have to answer this way too often. 
What is happening is when you attempt an order and for any reason the transaction fails (Most time it's from entering the wrong billing address...) When the transaction fails, your bank will hold those funds for a short time. I do not charge your card. I never charge your card. It goes straight from your bank to my bank, and when the transaction fails, it never leaves your bank. I don't have it. My bank doesn't have it. it is still in your account, but your bank is freezing that amount. I hate that this happens, but there is nothing I can do to help! Please, I beg of you... if the transaction fails, do NOT attempt it 10 times. If it fails, it's for a reason!. If it fails ten times, your bank will hold ALL of those attempts, and all of your nasty and threatening letters to me will do nothing to help you.  :)  However, if it makes you feel better to yell at someone, please feel free.  :)  It won't make your bank return the funds any faster, but it might make you feel better about the wait.  :)  hehe
If you are absolutely certain everything is correect and you don't know why it failed, send me an email letting me know.  I can pull a bank report to find out the reason for the failed transaction. 9 out of ten times it is your billing address. Make sure it's what your bank has on file for your card.


Gift Certificates ~ Treat someone to some juice

The gremlins are now offering Gift Certificates. These are all electronic, and are available from a link at the top of the page. You are able to purchase gifts of $5, $10, $25, $50 and $100. They don't have to be used all at once, If you received a gift certificate, simply enter the code at the prompt to check your remaining balance. What a great way to say I love you and care about your health!



U.S. Only


At this time we are only able to ship to the U.S.

I apologize to those that are overseas, (and even our neighbors to the north.


U.S. Only


 (I think I need to make this blink to get the attention of a lot of folks that still write to me asking why thier card was declined. EDIT: OK, I made it blink... It didn't help.) 
Our priority is getting you the product you are here for. Feel free to log in, create an account and look around. There is a contact page to send us your favorite flavors so we know what to put on the shelves and have ready for you.



NEW FLAVORS: Orange Sunburst, Red Sunburst, Strawberry Shortcake, German Chocolate Cake, Caramel Spice


Find us on Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/gremlinjuice/

and on Facebook: www.facebook.com/gremlinjuice


This is YOUR store, we're just here keeping it open for when you need something.

Rich and the Gremlins